Affordable Organization

Digital Only or Digial + Print?

Go paperless with Kidsolidate's digital only option or choose to get both a digital copy and a print copy of your magazine.

Benefits Digital & Print Digital Only
First 30 Pages $35 $29
Price per Page (after the first 30 pages) $.75
per page
per page
Shipping and Handling Free*
Online Storage of Magazines Unlimited
Optional Storage of Creations $2 per month
Optional Return of Creations $12 per envelope
Magazine Reprint Discount 20%
Monthly Membership Fee $3.00 OR the ordered magazine cost**
Never pay both fees in the same month

* Free shipping on items mailed to us is limited to 13 ounces or less. Each partial pound over 13 ounces is charged an overage fee of $5.00.

** Initial membership is for a minimum of 3 months.

Bulk Ordering

Have a large number of Creations already saved? Simply request a bulk order package by clicking here. We'll contact you to confirm your order. We will send a postage-paid box that can hold between 100 to 250 Creations. Fill this box with at least 70 of your Creations and drop it in the mail. For bulk orders that have less than 75 Creations, you may be charged a small additional shipping fee. For bulk orders, extended membership for 9 months after the bulk order is required.

What happens to my Creations after my magazine is made?

We recyle your creations after your magazine is made. Want to save your Creations? We can store them for you ($2 a month) or we can even mail them back to you ($12 for each envelope).

Expedited Shipping

We offer expedited shipping on magazines for an additional charge depending on the specific destination and carrier. For additional shipping options, just contact us.

One-Time Order?

Just want one volume of a magazine? Simply signup and contact us letting us know. There is an upfront charge of $22 and then you'll also pay the cost of the magazine as described above. You won't, however, be charge the membership fee.